Today's lawyers need to be completely focused on how they can deploy their legal expertise to create value for clients.

Michelle helps lawyers figure out exactly how to do that by partnering with them to develop these critical business development skills:

Helping lawyers create effective business development strategies

Strategic planning

Lawyers need to create business development strategies that align the lawyer’s unique capabilities with the needs of their target clients and the strategic goals of their firm.  Lawyers also need to understand the relationships and capabilities of other lawyers within the firm so that they can optimize client service and acquistion via cross-selling and referrals.


Clients value lawyers who understand that the law is just one tool among many that businesses rely on to drive results.  Although lawyers often don't focus on the specific business environment within which their clients operate, the lawyers that do not only generate more business, they build more strategic partnerships with their clients, resulting in a more satisfying experience for both lawyer and client.


Law is a relationship business.  Lawyers need to be able to build authentic, mutually beneficial relationships not only with clients but also with everyone they work with to deliver value for their clients. Cultivating and maintaining strong strategic relationships will lead to better legal work product, stronger relationships with clients, more referral sources, and ultimately more legal work.

Effective communication

Lawyers who communicate effectively, and more critically, listen deeply, develop stronger relationships with clients and colleagues.  Many lawyers are unaware of their communication approach and its impact on their intended audiences.  Cultivating that awareness is the first step to developing a more effective approach.